As men grow old, they face deceleration in testosterone production.  This condition is known as andropause, a highly general problem yet not discussed. Therefore, it’s high time to bring this issue to light and identify some solutions, which may include use of diverse herbal therapies.

Ashwagandha is one such herb which is used to relieve stress to promote male strength, and to provide greater energy. This ayurvedic herb has far reaching aftermath on men’s long term health and hormone function.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Increases Male Fertility

Ashwagandha has demonstrated a great choice for enhanced virility in men. It has been found by research that it greatly increased the levels of luteinizing and testosterone hormone, a hormone responsible for testosterone production. Moreover, a study proclaimed that Ashwagandha accelerated enzyme activity and rejuvenated reproductive hormones in impotent men. Its strength in proving as a remedy of impotence, positive and consistent effect on male procreative hormones suggests its use to increase male fertility.

  • Provides Relief from Stress

Ashwagandha provides relief from each measure of stress whether mental or physical. It revamps overall brain health by pushing the heights of a key compound, which acts to safeguard the brain against damage and aging. Moreover, it increases body’s defiance to stress and decreases psychological responses to events that may cause stress.  The capacity to alleviate stress can also assist in maintaining stable levels of hormone.

  • Supplementary Health Benefits

Ashwagandha has benefits more than just providing hormonal balance like maintain a healthy prostate, erectile response, optimal body weight, and aids to limit futile lethargy. Proper hormone levels build up healthy sexual function, muscle development, encourage strength and improve cognitive function.

  • Aids in Lowering Diabetes

Ashwagandha assists in lowering the levels of glucose and thereby controlling diabetes. Moreover, it increases the penetration of blood sugar into cells therefore lower insulin is needed from pancreas which leads to increased insulin sensitivity, decreased pancreatic workloads and overall decline in diabetic syndromes.

  • Improves Insomnia

Ashwagandha provides relief from insomnia. It has microbial properties and strong anti-oxidant that helps to improve health of brain cells, Moreover, it decreases symptoms of anxiety which is one of the key issues that thwarts people from going to sleep. It annihilates anxious thoughts and grants the mind to become serene. These effects are bring about by activating warn via GABA receptors. The activation of these receptors helps in providing calm and relaxation.


It has been suggested that Ashwagandha should be used with precaution especially if you are suffering from thyroid, or taking medications to cure low or high blood pressure. Therefore, it’s important to take it in consultation with doctor.

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