Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone attacks you? We normally try to avoid this question, but in today’s violent environment it is essential to ask ourselves this important question. Though, prevention is no doubt the best defence and so we should follow general safety tips, but what if someone attacks irrespective of all the precautions. In fact, each one of us, irrespective of age and sex, should learn the techniques of self-defence and be prepared for such times. If you look around in your neighbourhood, you will find places, which train you for this. When I looked in my vicinity, Montreal, Quebec Canada, I found KravMaga Elite. These institutes train you to use your mind and body if you get into any situation where your safety or the safety of someone around you is threathened.

KravMaga Elite

Brain Power

It is said all that battles are won and lost in the mind. This is true for everyone, but if you are women, you give extra importance to it. Women are at a greater risk when it comes to serious assault or murder. You should rely on your mind power if you get into some unpleasant situation. If you have that confidence that you can overcome that particular situation, you will find ways and means to do so. So, never give up or feel helpless.

Maximise Damage

Getting self-defence training will help you understand where and how to hit. Use your elbows, knees or head to inflict damage to the sensitive body part of the attacker. Perfume or hair spray can be used in assailant’s eye. This will give you time to run or shout for help. Irrespective of your size and weight, these institutes teach you how to use it against your opponent for your advantage.

Fitness Counts

Besides being mentally strong, if you are strong physically too, then it goes to your advantage. Fitness leads to more endurance and determination. By focusing on functional fitness requirements rather than simple gym exercises, you can not only have a better body but it will also aid in developing a fighter’s mind.

Brain Power

Martial Arts

All martial arts basically aim at making you fit and healthy both mentally and physically, both of which are prerequisites for self-defence. They also build up your self-esteem and you are all set to defend yourself or your loved ones in case needarise. Choose any form of martial art you like and get yourself trained.

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